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Desertstormradio (DSR) is a syndicate of DJ's worldwide! Each DJ represents DSR worldwide. Our DJ's perform at Celebrity Events, Night Clubs, Lounges, Concerts, and Private Parties around the world. Each DJ broadcasts LIVE from each of these events directly back to the website! This gives you the listener the ability to listen to LIVE parties that you normally would not be able to listen to. Our method of music distribution is unto itself! We can take 1 single hand it out to the DJ's in our syndicate and your 1 single is instantly heard around the world in Nightclubs, on the RADIO, at Parties, and Celebrity Events. Millions of twitter followers can be contacted within seconds and we can put you on the map!.

All music must be accepted by out A&R Department before you can choose a promotion package. You must write your own music. We will accept covers. If you have a manager then please have your manager contact us first. We work with thousands of artists worldwide and the more professional you are the faster we can get to work on your brand. All artists music must be passed before they will be offered a promotion. If the music is not passed then the artist will not be able to have their music on the air. You will get an email from us if the music does not pass Please fill out our online form and we will contact you within 30 minutes by phone.

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Desertstormradio is a global network that can boost your listener rate almost instantly. We have been streaming worldwide for over 7 years and we are live in over 47 countries. When you start your show with us you will gain a following and we will start your show in a time slot that already has listeners. You do not have to be a DJ or even have music on your show. We have all types of shows from Comedy shows to sports shows. We are all ears when it comes to new shows. Have a fashion show? Maybe a gossip show? No matter what type of show it is we will listen to your pitch. Please fill out the form by clicking below and we will contact you within 30 minutes to discuss adding your show to our Global Streaming Network.

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