Our Captains

Highly qualified experts in fishing

Boat Captain

John Malkovich

Responsibilities: Steer and operate vessels, use radios, depth finders, radars, lights, or buoys

Captain John runs "Big Fish I" which is an extra wide 35 foot Viking Sport Fisherman Yacht. He has over 20 Years of experience on Lake Michigan and is USCG Licensed. His favorite activities include fishing, duck, and bow hunting.

Boat Operator

David Johnson

Responsibilities: Dock or undock vessels, maneuver through narrow spaces, adjust navigation according to weather conditions

David was born and bred in a town where fishing for survival to feed your family was a must. After moving to Miami in 2006 with his wife Sue and 2 daughters, he joined the BigFish team part-time and then kept progressing on to full time due to his love and dedication of fishing.


Richard Jackson

Responsibilities: Operate boats, conduct safety drills with crew, set courses

Richard is another great seaman from the roundabouts of our state - owning his own commercial boat means he has had plenty of experience on the seas surrounding Florida and other local area. Richard is a very skilled all around Captain.


Jack Tompson

Responsibilities: Sweep and wash decks, lower and man lifeboat, stand steering watches

Jack is the perfect crewman to have aboard any of our boats as he lends his hands well to both Captain and Skipper. Originally from the Island of Pennsylvania, Jack has grown up with fishing as his means to survival. You won’t find a more dedicated fisherman.


Steve Green

Responsibilities: Plan the voyages for the fishing season, navigate the vessel

Most of our boats are skippered by Steve, a highly professional skipper with over 12 years of charter experience in the region. Steve is very passionate about ensuring every trip is enjoyable and that the safety of passengers on board is paramount.

Store Manager

Nick Nelson

Responsibilities: Generate field level sales, design and prepare bids for all services and products

Nick has a wealth of experience with 18 years in the hunting and fishing retail industry. He is a keen hunter and has hunted throughout North America. He is also a professional fisherman with an expansive knowledge of fresh water fishing and saltwater fishing.

Our Team

Highly qualified experts in fishing